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You have a lovely smile-until you need a crown to go over an exposed tooth or implant. Crowns come in a variety of materials, with gold, porcelain, and zirconium being the most common. Gold is soft and durable; the most common material is complete porcelain, but not as durable. Neither looks natural. These often have a dark line in which the crown crosses the gum, which can be seen by a healthy tooth.

Zirconium crowns look very Natural and are the obvious choice for your new crown.

What is the Zirconium Crown?

Solid zirconium blocks are shaped into the correct tooth shape and baked at an extremely high temperature. The process ensures that they are almost unbreakable, which makes them significantly better than porcelain crowns since they can withstand the grinding stress. The crown is then coated in porcelain to maintain natural colour and attached in your gum to an abutment (either a fake tooth stub or a part of a real tooth). The crown reflects light in the same way as a natural tooth, which means that it blends completely with the adjacent real teeth. However, the zirconium crowns do not corrode, which means that you will not hesitate to smile unless a dark line emerges next to the gum like the other crowns. Another advantage of these crown types is that they can be attached to bulkier abutments because they have more strength by volume than porcelain.


Advantages of Zirconia Crowns

There are many properties of zirconia which make it a good choice for dental crown material. Some of those advantageous features include:

  • A clear, white colour.
  • Extremely high toughness.
  • High durability of fracture (it is hard to break zirconia).
  • Wear-resistance.
  • Good oxidation resistance.
  • No erosion by chemicals.
  • When sintered (baked) with translucent appearance.

Benefits of Zirconia Crowns


Because of these features, zirconia provides numerous advantages for patients as a dental crown material. Crowns of Zirconia:

  • It can be quickly changed, reshaped and re-coloured.
  • It appears normal tooth enamel due to its hue and translucence.
  • A metal framework is not needed.
  • May not need as much of the original tooth to be shaved as in other forms of crowns.
  • Avoid staining better than crowns made with acrylic or composite ceramic.
  • They are biocompatible (they’re healthy to remain long in the mouth).
  • Resist hot and cold conditions. They therefore decrease the level of hypersensitivity associated with other crown styles.
  • They are incredibly robust. Zirconia is five times stronger than porcelain. Because of this, zirconia could be a safer option for people who have had problems with other crown material or may have problems grinding their teeth, chewing their gums painfully etc.

Procedure of Zirconia Crowns

It will take a few days or weeks before the completed crown arrives at the dental office if an order needs to go via a dental lab. The patient will have to wear a temporary crown while the wait. Once the permanent crown has arrived, the patient must return to the dentist for a second consultation to match the crown.


How Long Do Zirconium Crowns Last?

Zirconium crowns can last for very long as they are virtually unbreakable. While most crowns last only about 10 years, zirconium can last a lifetime if properly cared for.

Zirconia restorations usually last longer than porcelain because of their extraordinary longevity and strength. While porcelain crowns typically need replacement after a few years, zirconia crowns have shown a survival rate of 99 per cent after five years.

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