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Choosing the right color for the zirconium veneersMany dental procedures require the use of zirconium veneers. Specifically in the treatment of dental defects that cause health issues during implant treatments, tooth fractures or cosmetic coatings, rabbit dental aesthetics, and so on. The color of the zirconium coating has to be chosen as part of the process. As a result, before doing these processes, it is helpful to know how to select a coating color.


Zirconium, which is one of the most often utilized coating materials today, provides many advantages in terms of tooth aesthetics. The first is that, unlike other types of veneers, zirconium can have a translucent structure similar to that of real teeth. The tooth tissue gets opaque as it thickens. The greater the permeability to light, the thinner the tissue. This look is given by zirconium. Zirconium crowns are typically preferred by people who seek more natural-looking teeth. However, if you want your teeth to be smooth, shining, and white, you can use other materials. Zirconium coating is also a popular product since it is long-lasting and does not change color in response to environmental factors (frequent coffee-tea consumption, smoking, etc.).Zirconium can also be easily shaped and is used first and foremost in many coating procedures.


Because of the structure of zirconium, coatings of various colors and appearances are achievable. Several aspects must be considered when selecting the proper veneer color based on the person’s tooth structure.


1- Tone Transition in Zirconium Coating:

Every human’s tooth cannot be the same from head to toe. Some people’s teeth are highly transparent and thin at the tips, whereas others’ teeth are thick. Aside from that, and most importantly, there are tooth appearances that change from white to bone color towards the tooth roots or show a color change from the middle of the tooth to the edges. A zirconium coating should be chosen in accordance with this color gradient to allow the tooth to adapt to the existing teeth.


2- Comparison of Zirconium Veneer Color and Tooth Color:

When you are going to have procedures such as an implant, veneer or dental implants, your doctor will start choosing the color of your teeth in order to produce the appropriate veneer after you take your mold. As a palette, you will be offered a selection of coatings in various shades, transparency, and gloss during this procedure. The first step is going to be to identify those that are near to your tooth tone. Following that, the most compatible option will be selected based on the transparency and brightness of your teeth. What you should keep in mind during this procedure is that color selection cannot be done perfectly in one sitting. What you eat during the day, the coffee you drink, and whether or not you brush your teeth all have an impact on your tooth color. Therefore, after choosing your options, it would be more logical to observe the color a few times before proceeding to the production stage of your coating. Because a bad appearance will occur if the coating to be made does not adapt to your other teeth.


3- Teeth stones or cleaning process:

If you have a problem such as tartar or if you are planning to clean your teeth and lighten their main color, it would be more logical to have this procedure done without veneer. It is critical for compatibility to match the color of your veneer to the resulting tooth color.

One of the other factors that you must pay attention to is the decisions you will make. Do you want to change a single tooth or change all of them? if you are getting the veneers to change the color, then you need to be careful about which teeth you are planning to change. The color of your upper incisors, for example, may differ slightly from the color of your lower incisors. The coating you chose should be two separate colors in this situation.


Do not forget that after coating, you should pay more attention to the ingestion of colorants such as coffee, tea or cigarettes. Otherwise, your coating may acquire an undesirable tint.

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